For high school applicants


High School of Itä-Häme College is located in the Kaikulanmäki campus area of Hartola, which consists of the college’s main building, dormitory buildings and the Linna Hotel.

The Adult High School offers a flexible and individual route to studying. We are a boarding school and the majority of our students both study and live here on the campus of the former Eko manor.

Free studies, studying material, housing, meals and hobbies

Students are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner on school days (breakfast and lunch on Fridays) at the Linna Hotel. Both housing and meals are FREE for students on school days.

Free pathway studies to university

We offer the opportunity to study university studies for FREE already during high school. These so called pathway studies are part of degree studies at universities and colleges.

There are pathway studies in various sectors and they are 25-45 credits in length. The pathway studies can help you to apply to postcraduate studies. They can also be credited in your future university and college studies.


In our high school, students study according to the basics of the adult high school curriculum. Because you start your studies when you are 18 you have to make only 88 credits (in the youth college you make 150 credits).

You get the same high school diploma and matriculation certificate as in the youth college. Adult high school gives you more space and opportunities to concentrate in subjects you are interested in.

The academic year is divided into five periods, each lasting an average of seven weeks. The first weeks of the course are studied and the lessons learned in the last week are summed up in the form of course exams. However, not all courses will be tested; assessment can also be based on, for example, different learning tasks.

In terms of study, the student’s daily life consists of lessons according to the order of study according to the study courses in each section. Teaching groups are usually small, working methods and tasks may vary depending on the subject.


The surroundings of the manor as well as the golf course next to the college, Tainionvirta, Jääsjärvi and the skiing and jogging trails provide opportunities for a wide range of activities. The gym has a gym a short distance away. In addition to books, Hartola Municipal Library also borrows fitness equipment. There is a bowling alley in the center of Hartola.

You can find anything in the shelters of the college walls. Civic and community college courses are FREE for our high school students and there is a rich selection of sports, visual arts and music that can also be accepted as high school courses. Course activities take place on campus.

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